The number of small enterprises is growing in most parts of the world. Small companies have great innovations and wish to grow. Lack of funding is the most common obstacle for growth though. As the majority of new jobs are created in growth companies it is in the common interest to help the small companies to grow.

We discovered that small enterprises use a lot of time in trying to find investors. If they happen to find potential investors, it is then both expensive and time consuming to arrange meetings with the investors just to give a short pitch. Compared to the time and money spent the results are regrettably often tenuous.

We have spent hours in thinking of what could be made differently. We came up with an idea to bring the small and growth companies together with the investors into a same virtual environment where enterprises and investors can efficiently find and get to know each other and start initial negotiations. In our Millit Service the pitching event is open 24/7 making it very efficient tool for both companies and investors. Even in our time of digitalisation and virtuality face to face meetings are still needed but by doing the ground work in our Millit Service a lot of time and money can be saved.

Millit Service is provided by Millit Ltd, a small enterprise located in Oulu, Finland. The team behind the Millit Service have wide-ranging experience not only as entrepreneurs but also as investors.

Millit Ltd
Hallituskatu 13-17 C23
90100 Oulu